1 Open the bonnet of Fiat Punto and prop it up with a stout pole.
2 Disconnect the washer jet hose at the bonnet connector.
3 Mark the relationship between the hinges and the edge of the bonnet using a soft pencil or marker pen. Slacken and unscrew the bolts; have an assistant support the bonnet as the last bolts are removed.
4 With the help of an assistant, lift off the bonnet and set it down on its edge, using a oust sheet to protect the paintwork.


5 Refit the Fiat Punto bonnet and retaining bolts, using the markings made during removal to achieve the correct alignment. Note that the bolt counting holes are slotted to allow adjustment if required. On completion, tighten the bolts to the specified torque.
6 Reconnect the washer hose, then check that the bonnet fastens and releases in a satisfactory manner. If necessary, adjust the bonnet lock assembly.