1 Open the bonnet and mark the relationship between the Fiat Punto bonnet lock assembly and the front body panel using a soft pencil or marker pen.
2 Disconnect the lock sensor wiring connector located behind the lock assembly.
3 Slacken and unscrew the two nuts and withdraw the lock assembly from its location (see illustration).

Bonnet lock assembly retaining nuts of Fiat Punto car (arrowed)

4 Disconnect the lock release cable and remove the lock assembly.


5 Refitting is a reversal of removal. Use the alignment markings made during removal to aid accurate refitting. Check that the bonnet fastens and releases in a satisfactory manner, noting that the mounting holes are slotted to allow adjustment of the lock, if required. On completion, tighten the bolts securely.
6 If necessary, adjust the protrusion of the rubber buffers on the front body panel (located above each headlamp unit) by screwing them in or out, as appropriate. When the rubber buffers are correctly adjusted, there should be just enough free movement to allow the bonnet to be closed and locked easily, without using excessive force, but not enough to allow the bonnet of Fiat Punto car to rattle when secured in the locked position.