Note: This procedure is applicable both to the front and rear doors of Fiat Punto.


1 Unplug the multi-way electrical connector from the inner edge of the door.
2 Undo the two bolts and release the check strap attachment on the door pillar.
3 Have an assistant support the door, then unscrew the door hinge retaining bolts, and lift the door from the car.


4 Refitting is a reversal of removal. On completion, tighten the hinge bolts securely,


5 Close the door carefully, in case the alignment is incorrect, which may cause scratching on the door or the body as the door of Fiat Punto is closed, and check the fit of the door with the surrounding panels.
6 If adjustment is required, loosen the hinge-to-body securing bolts (the bolt holes are elongated to allow for adjustment) and move the hinges as required to achieve satisfactory alignment. Tighten the securing bolts securely on completion.
7 Check the operation of the door lock. If necessary, slacken the securing bolts, and adjust the position of the lock striker on the body pillar to achieve satisfactory alignment. Tighten the bolts securely on completion.