These areas of glass are secured by the tight fit of the weatherstrip in the body aperture, and are bonded in position with a special adhesive. Renewal of such fixed glass is a difficult, messy and time-consuming task, which is considered beyond the scope of the home mechanic. It is difficult, unless one has plenty of practice, to obtain a secure, waterproof fit. Furthermore, the task carries a high risk of breakage; this applies especially to the laminated glass windscreen. In view of this, owners are strongly advised to have this sort of work carried out by one of the many specialist windscreen fitters of Fiat Punto.
For those possessing the necessary skills and equipment to carry out this task, some preliminary removal of the vehicle interior trim and associated components is necessary, as follows.


a) Remove both wiper arms.
b) Remove the windscreen scuttle grille panel.
c) Remove the front pillar trim on both sides.
d) Remove the sun visors.

Tailgate window glass of Fiat Punto

a) Remove the tailgate trim panel.