1 Due to the complexity of the sunroof mechanism, considerable expertise is needed to repair, renew or adjust the sunroof components successfully. Removal of the roof first requires the headlining to be removed, which is a complex and tedious operation, and not a task to be undertaken lightly.
Therefore, any problems with the sunroof should be referred to a Fiat dealer.
2 If the sunroof motor of Fiat Punto fails to operate, first check the relevant fuse, If the fault cannot be traced and rectified, the sunroof can be opened and closed manually, using the special crank handle supplied In the vehicle toolkit to turn the motor spindle.
3 To gain access to the motor spindle, ensure that the ignition key is in the off position, then carefully prise the overhead console from its location. Engage the crank handle with the spindle, and turn the handle to open or close the sunroof (see illustrations).

Carefully prise the overhead console from its location …

... to gain access to the sunroof motor spindle (arrowed)

4 Once the roof of Fiat Punto is closed, remove the crank handle, and clip the overhead console back into place.