□   If it's a model of Fiat Punto with automatic transmission, make sure the selector is in P or N.
□   Open the bonnet and make sure that the battery terminals are clean and tight.
□   Switch on the headlights and try to start the engine. If the headlights go very dim when you're trying to start, the battery is probably flat. Get out of trouble by jump starting (see next page) using a friend's car.

A Check that the spark plug HT leads are securely connected at the spark plugs ...

B  ... and at the ignition coils.

C Check the condition and security of critical wiring connectors of Fiat Punto such as those at the ignition coils ...

D ... and camshaft position sensor.

E Check the condition and security of the battery terminals.

Check that electrical connections are secure (with the ignition switched off) and spray them with a water dispersant spray like WD-40 if you suspect a problem due to damp.

If your car won't start even though the starter motor turns as normal

□  Is there fuel in the tank of Fiat Punto?
□  Is there moisture on electrical components under the bonnet? Switch off the ignition, then wipe off any obvious dampness with a dry cloth. Spray a water-repellent aerosol product (WD-40 or equivalent) on ignition and fuel system electrical connectors like those shown in the photos. Pay special attention to the ignition coil wiring connectors and HT leads of Fiat Punto.