When all else fails, you may find yourself having to get a tow home - or of course you may be helping somebody else. Long-distance recovery of Fiat Punto should only be done by a garage or breakdown service. For shorter distances, DIY towing using another car is easy enough, but observe the following points:
□ Use a proper tow-rope - they are not expensive. The vehicle being towed must display an ON TOW sign in its rear window.
□ Always turn the ignition key to the MAR position when the vehicle is being towed, so that the steering lock is released, and that the direction indicator and brake lights will work.
□ Only attach the tow-rope to the towing eyes provided,
□ Before being towed, release the handbrake and select neutral on the transmission. On models with automatic transmission, special precautions apply. If in doubt, do not tow, or transmission damage may result.
□ Note that greater-than-usual pedal pressure will be required to operate the brakes, since the vacuum servo unit is only operational with the engine running.
□ On models of Fiat Punto with power steering, greater-than-usual steering effort will also be required.
□ The driver of the car being towed must keep the tow-rope taut at all times to avoid snatching.
□ Make sure that both drivers know the route before setting off.
□ Only drive at moderate speeds and keep the distance towed to a minimum. Drive smoothly and allow plenty of time for slowing down at junctions.
□ The towing eye is supplied as part of the tool kit stored in the luggage compartment. To fit the eye prise out the plastic cover from the front or rear bumper using a screwdriver, then screw the eye onto the threaded pin as tightly as possible.

Warning: To prevent damage to the catalytic converter of Fiat Punto, a vehicle must not be push-started, or started by towing, when the engine is at operating temperature. Use jump leads.