1 Disconnect the battery negative terminal.
2 Remove the air cleaner assembly.
3 Working inside the vehicle, depress the clutch pedal fully, then release the plastic retainer securing the master cylinder pushrod to the clutch pedal.
4 To minimise hydraulic fluid loss, remove the brake master cylinder reservoir filler cap, then tighten it down onto a piece of polythene to obtain an airtight seal. Alternatively, fit a brake hose clamp to the hose between the hydraulic fluid reservoir and the clutch master cylinder of Fiat Punto.
5 Place absorbent rags beneath the master cylinder and be prepared for hydraulic fluid loss.
6 Disconnect the fluid supply hose at the master cylinder, then extract the retaining clip and disconnect the hydraulic pipe from the cylinder outlet.
7 Unscrew the mounting bolts and withdraw the master cylinder from the bulkhead.
8 It is not possible to obtain an overhaul kit from Fiat, however some motor factors may be able to supply one. Follow the instructions with the repair kit if obtained.


9 Refitting is the reverse of the removal procedure, but bleed the clutch hydraulic system of Fiat Punto on completion.