Removal of clutch release mechanism of Fiat Punto

1 Unless the complete engine/transmission is to be removed from the car and separated for major overhaul, the clutch release mechanism can be reached by removing the transmission.
2 Unhook the release bearing from the fork and slide it off the guide tube.
3 Using circlip pliers extract the circlip from the top of the release fork shaft.
4 Note the position of the arm then slide it off the splines.
5 Using a small drift, tap out the upper release shaft bush from the transmission casing (see illustration).

Clutch release shaft (1) and upper shaft bush (2)

6 Lift the release shaft from the lower bush then remove it from inside the transmission casing.
7 Extract the lower bush from the casing.

Inspection of clutch release mechanism of Fiat Punto

8 Check the release mechanism, renewing any worn or damaged parts. Carefully check all bearing surfaces and points of contact.
9 When checking the release bearing itself, note that it is often considered worthwhile to renew it as a matter of course. Check that the contact surface rotates smoothly and easily, with no sign of roughness, and that the surface itself is smooth and unworn, with no signs of cracks, pitting or scoring. If there is any doubt about its condition, the bearing must be renewed,

Refitting the clutch release mechanism of Fiat Punto

10 Apply a smear of molybdenum disulphide grease to the shaft pivot bushes and the contact surfaces of the release fork.
11 Tap the lower bush into the casing and refit the release fork and shaft.
12 Slide the upper bush down the shaft and tap it into the casing making sure that the ridge engages with the cut-out, then slide the arm on the splines the correct way round.
13 Refit the circlip in the shaft groove.
14 Slide the release bearing onto the guide tube and engage it with the fork.
15 Refit the transmission of Fiat Punto.