1  The number, routing and pattern of hoses of Fiat Punto car will vary according to model, but the same basic procedure applies. Before commencing work, make sure that the new hoses are to hand, along with new hose clips if needed. It is good practice to renew the hose clips at the same time as the hoses.
2  Drain the cooling system, saving the coolant if it is fit for reuse. Apply a little penetrating oil onto the hose clips if they are corroded.
3  Release the hose clips from the hose concerned. Three types of clip are used; worm-drive, spring, and crimped. The worm-drive clip is released by turning its screw anticlockwise. The spring clip is released by squeezing its tags together with pliers, at the same time working the clip away from the hose stub. The crimped clips are not reusable, and are best cut off with snips or side-cutters.
4  Unclip any wires, cables or other hoses which may be attached to the hose being removed. Make notes for reference when reassembling if necessary.
5  Release the hose of Fiat Punto cooling system from its stubs with a twisting motion. Be careful not to damage the stubs on delicate components such as the radiator, or thermostat housings. If the hose is stuck fast, the best course is often to cut it off using a sharp knife, but again be careful not to damage the stubs.
6  Before fitting the new hose, smear the stubs with washing-up liquid or a suitable rubber lubricant to aid fitting. Do not use oil or grease, which may attack the rubber.
7  Fit the hose clips over the ends of the hose, then fit the hose over its stubs. Work the hose into position. When satisfied, locate and tighten the hose clips.
8  Refill the cooling system then run the engine and check that there are no leaks.
9  Recheck the tightness of the hose clips on any new hoses after a few hundred miles.
10  Top-up the coolant level if necessary.