1   Detailed fault diagnosis should be carried out by a Fiat dealer using dedicated test equipment, but basic diagnosis can be carried out as follows.
2  If the fan of Fiat Punto car does not appear to work, run the engine until normal operating temperature Is reached, then allow it to idle. The fan should cut in within a few minutes (before the warning light illuminates, or the temperature gauge needle enters the red section). If not, switch off the engine and disconnect the cooling fan motor wiring connector.
3  The motor can be tested by disconnecting it from the wiring loom, and connecting a 12 volt supply directly to it. The motor should operate - if not the motor, or the motor wiring, is faulty.
4  If the motor operates when tested as described, the fault is likely to be in one of the cooling fan relays, the relay fuse, or the engine wiring harness. If these components are satisfactory any further fault diagnosis should be referred to a suitably-equipped Fiat dealer - do not attempt to test the engine management electronic control unit.


5  Disconnect the battery negative terminal.
6  On DOHC (16-valve) engines, remove the air cleaner assembly.
7  Where applicable, disconnect the wiring connecters from the fan motor resistor.
8  Disconnect the fan motor wiring connector (see illustration). Release the wiring harness from the clips on the fan shroud.

Disconnect the wiring connector (arrowed) from the electric fan motor

9  Undo the bolt located below the bonnet lock assembly, and lift the upper mounting bracket off the top of the fan shroud (see illustrations).

Undo the bolt (arrowed) below the bonnet lock ...

... and remove the upper mounting bracket from the top of the fan shroud

10   Undo the four bolts securing the fan of Fiat Punto shroud to the radiator, then lift out the cooling fan assembly (see illustrations).

Undo the bolts (arrowed) securing the fan shroud to the right-hand ...

... and left-hand sides of the radiator...

... then lift out the cooling fan assembly


11   Refitting is a reversal of removal.