1 Disconnect the battery negative terminal.
2 Drain the cooling system.
3 Remove the timing belt.
4 Unscrew the retaining nut and the three bolts and withdraw the coolant pump (see illustration). If the pump is stuck, tap it gently? using a soft-faced mallet - do not lever between the pump and cylinder block mating faces of Fiat Punto.

Coolant pump retaining nut (A) and retaining bolts (B)


Check the pump body and impeller for signs of excessive corrosion or evidence of coolant leakage. Turn the impeller, and check for stiffness due to corrosion, or roughness due to excessive end play. If any of these conditions are apparent, the pump must be viewed as a complete assembly.


6 Commence refitting by thoroughly cleaning traces of sealant from the mating faces of the pump and cylinder block.
7 Apply a continuous bead of RTV sealant to the cylinder block mating face of the pump, taking care not to apply excessive sealant, which may enter the pump itself (see illustration).

Apply a continuous bead of RTV sealant to the coolant pump of Fiat Punto mating face

8 Place the pump in position in the cylinder block, then refit and tighten the nut and bolts to the specified torque.
9 Refit the timing belt.
10 Refit the auxiliary drivebelt and refill the cooling system.
11 Reconnect the battery negative terminal.