Relays of Fiat Punto

12 A relay is an electrically-operated switch, which is used for the following reasons:
a) A relay of Fiat Punto can switch a heavy current remotely from the circuit in which the current is flowing, therefore allowing the use of lighter-gauge wiring and switch contacts.
b) A relay can receive more than one control input unlike a mechanical switch.
c) A relay can have a timer function - for example, the intermittent wiper relay.
13 The main and optional equipment relays are primarily located in the engine compartment fuse/relay box (see Fuses). Additional relays may be fitted, depending on model and specification and these are generally mounted adjacent to the component being controlled.
14 If a circuit or system controlled by a relay develops a fault, and the relay is suspect, operate the system, ff the relay is functioning, it should be possible to hear it click as it is energised. If this is the case, the fault lies with the components or wiring of the system. If the relay is not being energised, then either the relay is not receiving a main supply or a switching voltage, or the relay itself is faulty. Testing is by the substitution of a known good unit, but be careful - while some relays are Identical in appearance and in operation, others look similar but perform different functions.
15 To remove a relay in Fiat Punto, first ensure that the relevant circuit is switched off. The relay can then simply be pulled out from the socket, and pushed back into position.