All models in the range are equipped as standard with a central locking system incorporating an electronic engine immobiliser function.
The electronic engine immobiliser of Fiat Punto is operated by a transponder fitted to the ignition key, in conjunction with an analogue module fitted around the ignition switch.
When the ignition key is inserted in the switch and turned to the ignition 'on' position, the control module sends a preprogrammed recognition code signal to the module on the Ignition switch. If the recognition code signal matches that of the transponder on the ignition key, an unlocking request signal is sent to the engine management ECU allowing the engine to be started. If the Ignition key signal is not recognised, the engine management system remains immobilised.
When the ignition is switched off, a locking signal is sent to the ECU and the engine of Fiat Punto is immobilised until the unlocking request signal is again received.