1 Remove the sump and cylinder head of Fiat Punto.
2 Undo the two bolts and remove the oil pump pick-up tube.
3 If there is a pronounced wear ridge at the top of any bore, it may be necessary to remove it with a scraper or ridge reamer, to avoid piston damage during removal such a ridge indicates excess bore wear.
4 Check to see if the big-end caps and connecting rods are numbered (see illustration). If no numbers are visible, use quick-drying paint, or similar, to mark each connecting rod and big-end cap with its respective cylinder number on the flat machined surface provided. Note that No 1 cylinder is at the timing belt end of the engine.

Connecting rod and big-end cap identification numbers

5 Turn the crankshaft to bring pistons 1 and 4 to BDC (bottom dead centre).
6 Unscrew the bolts from No 1 piston big-end bearing cap, and remove the big-end cap and bearing shell (see illustration). If the bearing shells are to be re-used, tape the cap and the shell together.

Unscrew the retaining bolts and remove the big-end cap and bearing shell

7 Using a hammer handle, push the piston up through the bore, and remove it from the top of the cylinder block of Fiat Punto. Recover the bearing shell, and tape it to the connecting rod for safe-keeping.
8 Loosely refit the big-end cap to the connecting rod, and secure with the bolts - this will help to keep the components in their correct order.
9 Remove No 4 assembly in the same way.
10 Turn the crankshaft through 180ยบ to bring pistons 2 and 3 to BDC (bottom dead centre), and remove them in the same way.