Timing belt tensioner of Fiat Punto

1 Set the engine at TDC for No 1 piston of Fiat Punto.
2 Loosen the nut on the timing belt tensioner and move the tensioner pulley away from the belt. Keep the belt engaged with the sprockets using a cable-tie or suing.
3 Completely unscrew the nut and slide the tensioner off the mounting stud.

4 Wipe the tensioner clean but do not use solvents that may contaminate the bearings. Spin the tensioner pulley on its hub by hand. Stiff movement or excessive freeplay is an indication of severe wear; the tensioner is not a serviceable component, and should be renewed.

5 Slide the tensioner putley over the mounting stud and fit the retaining nut.
6 Check and adjust the tension of the timing belt of Fiat Punto.
7 Where applicable, refit the ignition coil mounting bracket to the cylinder head and secure with the bolt and nuts tightened securely. Reconnect the HT leads and the LT wiring connectors.
8 Refit the timing belt covers, the crankshaft pulley, auxiliary drivebert, spark plugs and the air cleaner assembly. Adjust the tension of the auxiliary drivebelt of Fiat Punto.
9 Refit the front wheel and lower the car to the ground.

Camshaft sprocket of Fiat Punto

10 Remove the timing belt of Fiat Punto.
11 Slacken the camshaft sprocket retaining bolt while holding the sprocket stationary with a suitable tool.
12 Unscrew and remove the retaining bolt and washer, then slide the sprocket from the end of the camshaft.

13 With the sprocket removed, examine the camshaft oil seal for signs of leaking.
14 Check the sprocket teeth for damage.
15 Wipe clean the sprocket and camshaft mating surfaces.

16 Locate the sprocket on the end of the camshaft, then refit the bolt and washer. On engines of Fiat Punto outside the range 6.800.001 to 7.000.000, tighten the bolt to the specified torque while holding the camshaft stationary using the method described previously. On all other engines, the retaining bolt is tightened during the timing belt refitting procedure.
17 Refit the timing belt.

Crankshaft sprocket of Fiat Punto

18 Remove the timing belt.
19 To prevent crankshaft rotation whilst the sprocket retaining bolt is being slackened, the flywheel ring gear must be locked using a suitable tool made from steel angle. Remove the cover plate from the base of the transmission bellhousing and bolt the tool to the lower boll hole in the bellhousing flange so it engages with the ring gear teeth.
20 Using a suitable socket and extension bar, unscrew the crankshaft sprocket retaining bolt and slide the sprocket off the end of the crankshaft.

21 With the sprocket removed, examine the crankshaft oil seal for signs of leaking.
22 Check the sprocket teeth for damage.
23 Wipe clean the sprocket and crankshaft mating surfaces.

24 Slide the sprocket onto the crankshaft making sure the integral key engages with the slot on the end of the crankshaft. Refit the retaining bolt and tighten it to the specified torque. Hold the crankshaft stationary while the bolt is tightened.
25 Refit the timing belt.