1 Remove the air cleaner assembly of Fiat Punto.
2 Disconnect the wiring connector from the camshaft position sensor located at the timing belt end of the camshaft cover.
3 Disconnect the accelerator inner cable end from the throttle cam and withdraw the outer cable from the grommet on the mounting bracket.
4 Disconnect the crankcase emission system hose from the outlet stub on the camshaft cover.
5 Release the clips and disconnect the fuel injector wiring duct from the slots on the camshaft cover.
6 Undo the timing belt upper cover retaining bolt at the rear of the camshaft cover, and the upper retaining bolt at the front.
7 Progressively unscrew the mounting bolts from the top of the camshaft cover and lift off the cover - note the location of any supports on the bolts. IF it sticks, do not attempt to lever it off - instead free it by working around the cover and tapping it lightly with a soft-faced mallet.
8 Recover the camshaft cover gasket of Fiat Punto. Inspect the gasket carefully, and renew it if damage or deterioration is evident.
9 Clean the mating surfaces of the cylinder head and camshaft cover thoroughly, removing all traces of oil and old gasket - take care to avoid damaging the surfaces as you do this.

10 Locate a new gasket on the camshaft cover and make sure it is correctly seated (see illustration).

Ensure that the gasket is correctly seated in the camshaft cover groove

11 Lower the cover onto the cylinder head of Fiat Punto, making sure the gasket is not displaced.
12 Insert the cover retaining bolts and tighten them progressively to the specified torque.
13 The remainder of refitting is the reverse sequence to removal.