1 Remove the timing belt and camshaft sprocket of Fiat Punto.
2 Remove the camshaft cover.
3 If not already done as part of the timing belt removal procedure, identify the spark plug HT leads at their ignition coil connections, then disconnect the leads from the two coils. Also disconnect the LT wiring connector from each coil.
4 Undo the retaining bolt, and the upper and lower retaining nuts, and remove the ignition coils, complete with mounting bracket, from the end of the cylinder head.
5 Mark the positions of the camshaft bearing caps, numbering them from the timing belt end.
6 Unbolt and remove the lubrication pipe (prise the oil feed stub out with a screwdriver). Unscrew the remaining bolts and take off the bearing caps of Fiat Punto (see illustrations).

Prise out the feed stub of the camshaft lubrication pipe...

... and remove the lubrication pipe from the bearing caps

When removing the camshaft bearing caps, note the position of the I and short locating dowels

7 Lift the camshaft carefully from the cylinder head, checking that the valve clearance shims and cam followers are not withdrawn by the adhesion of the oil. Recover the oil seal from me end of the camshaft.
8 Remove the shims and cam followers of Fiat Punto, but keep them in their originally fitted order.

9 Inspect the camshaft for wear on the surfaces of the lobes and journals. Normally their surfaces should be smooth and have a dull shine; look for scoring and pitting. Accelerated wear will occur once the hardened exterior of the camshaft has been damaged.
10 Examine the bearing cap and journal surfaces for signs of wear.
11 To measure the camshaft endfloat. Temporarily refit the camshaft then push the camshaft to one end of the cylinder head of Fiat Punto engine as far as it will travel. Attach a dial test indicator to the cylinder head and zero it, then push the camshaft as far as it will go to the other end of the cylinder head and record the gauge reading. Verify the reading by pushing the camshaft back to its original position and checking that the gauge indicates zero again.
12 Where the camshaft and bearings are worn excessively, consider renewing the complete cylinder head, together with camshaft and cam followers. A reconditioned head may be available from engine overhaul specialists.

13 Lubricate the cam followers and locate them in their correct positions in the cylinder head of Fiat Punto engine. Locate the shims in the cam followers making sure they are in their original positions.
14 Lubricate the journals then locate the camshaft in the cylinder head with the cam lobes of No 1 cylinder facing upwards (i.e., No 1 piston at TDC).
15 Refit the bearing caps in their correct positions then locate the lubrication pipe over the bearing caps. Press in the oil feed stub then refit the bearing cap retaining bolts. Progressively tighten the bolts to the specified torque
16 Lubricate the lips of the new seal with clean engine oil, and drive it into position until it seats on its locating shoulder, use a suitable tubular drift, such as a socket, which bears only on the hard outer edge of the seal. Take care not to damage the seal lips during fitting. Note that the seal lips should face inwards.
17 Check the condition of the sealing O-ring on the ignition coil of Fiat Punto mounting bracket and renew the seal if necessary.
18 Unless the ignition coil mounting bracket was removed as part of the timing belt removal procedure, it can be refitted at this stage. Locate the bracket on the cylinder head and secure with the bolt and nuts tightened securely. Reconnect the HT leads and the LT wiring connectors.
19 Refit the camshaft sprocket and timing belt.
20 Check and if necessary adjust the valve clearances, then refit the camshaft cover.