1 Remove the transmission, then remove the clutch assembly.
2 The flywheel of Fiat Punto must now be held stationary while the bolts are loosened. A home-made locking tool may be fabricated from a piece of scrap metal and used to lock the ring gear, Bolt the toot to one of the transmission bellhousing mounting bolt holes on the cylinder block.
3 Mark the position of the flywheel with respect to the crankshaft using a dab of paint. Unscrew and remove the mounting bolts together with the spacer plate, then lift off the flywheel. Discard the flywheel bolts; new ones must be used on refitting.

4 If the flywheel's clutch mating surface is deeply scored, cracked or otherwise damaged, the flywheel must be renewed. However, it may be possible to have it surface-ground; seek the advice of a Fiat dealer or engine reconditioning specialist.
5 If the ring gear is badly worn or has missing teeth, the flywheel must be renewed.

6 Clean the mating surfaces of the flywheel and crankshaft. Remove any remaining locking compound from the threads of the crankshaft holes, using the correct-size tap, if available.
7 If the new retaining bolts are not supplied with their threads already precoated, apply a suitable thread-locking compound to the threads of each bolt.
8 Offer up the flywheel to the crankshaft, using the alignment marks made during removal, and fit the new retaining bolts together with the spacer plate.
9 Lock the flywheel of Fiat Punto using the method employed on removal, and tighten the retaining bolts to the specified torque.
10 Refit the clutch, and the transmission.