1 Before removing the fuel tank of Fiat Punto, all fuel must be drained from the tank. Since a fuel tank drain plug is not provided, it is therefore preferable to carry out the removal operation when the tank is nearly empty. Before proceeding, disconnect the battery negative terminal, and syphon or hand-pump the remaining fuel from the tank.
2 Disconnect the fuel pump wiring connector and the fuel supply line from the top of the pump,
3 Chock the front wheels, then jack up the rear of the car and securely support it on axle stands. Remove both rear roadwheels.
4 Disconnect the handbrake cables from the rear brake shoes. Release the handbrake cables from their retaining clips on the rear axle mountings, exhaust heat shields, fuel tank support brackets and fuel tank (see illustrations).

Release the handbrake cables from their clips on the rear axle mountings (arrowed)...

... exhaust heat shields and support brackets (arrowed) …

... and fuel tank (arrowed)

5 Disconnect the exhaust system from the catalytic converter downpipe of Fiat Punto and from its mountings on the underbody. Move the complete system to one side, for access to the fuel tank heat shield.
6 Undo the retaining nuts, extract the spring clip and remove the heat shield from under the fuel tank.
7 Loosen the clips and disconnect the filler pipe and vent pipe from the right-hand side of the fuel tank. Disconnect the roll-over valve hoses at the quick-release fittings adjacent to the filler pipe.
8 Place a trolley jack with an interposed block of wood beneath the tank, then raise the jack until it is supporting the weight of the tank of Fiat Punto.
9 Undo the four fuel tank mounting strap bolts, then carefully lower the tank from its location. Move the exhaust system as far as possible to one side to provide the necessary clearance for removal.
10 If the tank is contaminated with sediment or water, remove the fuel pump/fuel gauge sender unit and swill the tank out with clean fuel. The tank is injection-moulded from a synthetic material - if seriously damaged, it should be renewed. However, in certain cases, it may be possible to have small leaks or minor damage repaired Seek the advice of a specialist before attempting to repair the fuel tank.


11 Refitting is a reversal of the removal procedure, bearing in mind the following points:
a) Ensure that all pipes hoses are correctly routed and securely reconnected.
b) Refit the exhaust system of Fiat Punto.
c) Reconnect the handbrake cables and adjust the handbrake.