Removal of exhaust manifold of Fiat Punto

1 Disconnect the battery negative terminal.
2 Remove the air cleaner assembly.
3 Firmly apply the handbrake, then jack up the front of the car and support it securely on side stands.
4 Undo the four bolts securing the heat shield to the exhaust manifold.
5 From under the car, undo the three nuts securing the heat shield to the catalytic converter, then remove the heat shield from the manifold (see illustration)

Exhaust manifold heat shield lower retaining nuts (arrowed)

4 Disconnect the wiring for the 'upstream’ and 'downstream' lambda sensors at the connectors on the transmission bellhousing of Fiat Punto (see illustrations).

Upstream lambda sensor wiring connector (arrowed)

Downstream lambda sensor wiring connector (arrowed)

7 Unscrew the nuts and disconnect the exhaust system front pipe flange from the manifold downpipe (see illustration). Recover the gasket.

Exhaust system front pipe flange retaining nuts (arrowed)

8 Undo the bolt securing the manifold downpipe support bracket to the transmission.
9 Undo the nuts securing the exhaust manifold to the cylinder head, noting that the engine lifting bracket is also secured by the two upper nuts at the timing belt end. Carefully withdraw the manifold off the mounting studs and collect the gasket.

Refitting the exhaust manifold of Fiat Punto

10 Refitting is a reversal of the removal procedure but use a new manifold gasket, and new front pipe flange gasket. Tighten all mounting and attachment nuts/bolts to the specified torque.