1   Park the vehicle Fiat Punto on a level surface, if possible over an inspection pit or on a ramp as the filler/level and drain plugs are accessed from under the engine compartment. If necessary jack up the vehicle and support on axle stands.
2  Wipe clean the area around the filler/level and drain plugs, which are on the front and bottom of the transmission of Fiat Punto (see illustration).

Transmission oil drain plug location (arrowed)

3  Using an Allen key, unscrew the filler/level plug and clean it.
4  Position a suitable container beneath the transmission, then use the Allen key to unscrew the drain plug. Allow the oil to completely drain.
5  Wipe clean the drain plug then refit and tighten it to the specified torque.
6  Fill the transmission of Fiat Punto with the correct grade and quantity of oil. Refit and tighten the filler/level plug.
7  Where applicable lower the vehicle to the ground.