1 The reversing light circuit of Fiat Punto is controlled by a plunger-type switch screwed into the front of the transmission casing (see illustration), if a fault develops, first ensure that the circuit fuse has not blown.

Reversing light switch location (arrowed)

2 To test the switch, disconnect the wiring connector, and use a multimeter (set to the resistance function) or a battery-and-bulb test circuit to check that there is continuity between the switch terminals only when reverse gear is selected. If this is not the case, and there are no obvious breaks or other damage to the wires, the switch is faulty, and must be renewed.


3 Working in the engine compartment of Fiat Punto, disconnect the wiring connector, then unscrew the switch from the transmission casing.


4 Refit and securely tighten the switch, then reconnect the wiring.