Overhauling a manual transmission of Fiat Punto is a difficult and involved job for the DIY home mechanic. In addition to dismantling and reassembling many small parts, clearances must be precisely measured and, if necessary, changed by selecting shims and spacers. Internal transmission components are also often difficult to obtain, and in many instances.
extremely expensive. Because of this, if the transmission develops a fault or becomes noisy, the best course of action is to have the unit overhauled by a specialist repairer, or to obtain an exchange reconditioned unit.
Nevertheless, it is not impossible for the more experienced mechanic to overhaul the transmission, provided the special tools are available, and the job is done in a deliberate step-by-step manner, so that nothing is overlooked.
The tools necessary for an overhaul of Fiat Punto manual transmission include internal and external circlip pliers, bearing pullers, a slide hammer, a set of pin punches a dial test indicator, and possibly a hydraulic press. In addition, a large, sturdy workbench and a vice will be required.
During dismantling of the transmission make careful notes of how each component refitted, to make reassembly easier and more accurate.
Before dismantling the transmission, it will help if you have some idea what area is malfunctioning. Certain problems can be closely related to specific areas in the transmission, which can make component examination and replacement easier.