1 Take the car Fiat Punto on a short run, to warm the transmission up to operating temperature. Park the car on level ground, then switch off the ignition.
2 Firmly apply the handbrake, then jack up the front of the car and support it securely on axle stands. Note that, when refilling and checking the fluid level, the car must be level to ensure accuracy.
3 Remove the dipstick, then position a suitable container under the transmission. Unscrew the drain plug at the rear of the sump pan and allow the fluid to drain for at least 10 minutes. Refit and tighten the drain plug when the fluid has completely drained.
Warning: The transmission fluid may be very hot and precautions must be taken to avoid scalding.
4 Move the container into position under the oil filter of Fiat Punto, which is located at the front of the transmission (see illustration)

Automatic transmission fluid dipstick (A) and filter (B)

5 Using a filter removal tool if necessary, slacken the filter initially, then unscrew it by hand the rest of the way. Empty the fluid in the old filter into the container.
6 Use a clean rag to wipe the filter seating area on the transmission.
7 Apply a fight coating of clean transmission fluid to the sealing ring on the new filter, then screw it into position on the transmission. Tighten the filter firmly by hand only - do not use any tools.
8 Fill the transmission with the specified quantity of fluid via the dipstick tube, using a funnel with a fine mesh filter.
9 Run the engine to normal operating temperature, then check the fluid level of Fiat Punto.
10 Dispose of the old fluid and filter safely.