1 The function of the timing belt of Fiat Punto is to drive the camshaft and coolant pump. Should the belt slip or break in service, the valve timing will be disturbed and piston-to-valve contact will occur, resulting in serious engine damage. It is therefore vitally important that the condition of the belt and surrounding components should be checked very carefully.
2 To gain access to the belt, remove the timing belt covers.
3 With the covers removed, inspect the timing belt for any signs of uneven wear, splitting, or oil contamination. Pay particular attention to the roots of the teeth of Fiat Punto. To enable the full length of the belt to be examined, turn the crankshaft using a spanner or socket on the crankshaft sprocket centre bolt.
4 Check for any signs of coolant leakage from the coolant pump or oil leakage from the crankshaft right-hand oil seal, if there is any doubt about the condition of the belt, it should be renewed. If any coolant or oil leakage is evident, trace the source of the leak and rectify it before fitting the new timing belt.
5 On completion of the inspection, refit the timing belt covers.