1 Park the car Fiat Punto on a level surface, if possible over an Inspection pit or on a ramp as the filler/level plug is best reached from under the engine compartment. The oil level must be checked before the car is driven, or at least 5 minutes after the engine has been switched off if the oil la checked immediately after driving the car, some of the oil will remain distributed around the transmission components, resulting in an inaccurate level reading.
2 Wipe clean the area around the filler/level plug, which is situated on the front of the transmission (see illustration). Using an Allen key, unscrew the plug and clean it.

Manual transmission oil filler/level plug location (arrowed)

3 The oil level in Fiat Punto car should reach the lower edge of the filler/level hole. A certain amount of oil will have gathered behind the filter/level plug, and will trickle out when it is removed; this does not necessarily indicate that the level is correct. To ensure that a true level is established, wait until the initial trickle has stopped, then add oil as necessary until a trickle of new oil can be seen emerging. The level will be correct when the flow ceases; use only good-quality oil of the specified type. Make sure that the vehicle Fiat Punto is completely level when checking the level and do not overfill.
4 When the level is correct refit and tighten the plug and wipe away any spilt oil.