1 Chock the front wheels then jack up the rear of the car Fiat Punto and support it on axle stands. Remove the rear roadwheels.
2 Using the inspection hole at the edge of the brake drum, check that the linings are not worn below the minimum thickness given in the Specifications (see illustration), If necessary use an electric torch.

Check the thickness of the shoe friction material through the hole on the edge of the drum (arrowed)

3 If the friction material on any shoe is worn down to the specified minimum thickness or less, all four shoes must be renewed as a set.
4 At the same time check for signs of brake fluid leakage.
5 For a comprehensive check, the brake drum of Fiat Punto should be removed and cleaned. This will allow the wheel cylinders to be checked, and the condition of the brake drum itself to be fully examined.
5 On completion of the check, lower the car to the ground.