1 Slacken the clamp bolt and disconnect the clamp from the battery negative of Fiat Punto (earth! terminal (see illustration).

Battery negative terminal (A) and positive terminal (B)

2 Remove the insulation cover and disconnect the positive terminal lead (s) in the same way.
3 Undo the two retaining bolts and lift off the battery retaining strap.
4 Lift the battery up and out of the tray and remove it from the engine compartment.


5 Refitting is a reversal of removal but make sure that the positive terminal is connected first followed by the negative terminal.

Battery tray


6 With the battery of Fiat Punto removed, undo the three bolts securing the battery tray to the body platform (see illustration).

Battery tray retaining bolts (arrowed)

7 Release the wiring harness from the clips on the side of the battery tray, then lift the tray from its location.


8 Refitting is a reversal of removal.