Note: Various special tools, including a hydraulic press will be required for this operation (see text). If the necessary tools are not available, the swivel hub assembly should be removed and taken to a suitably-equipped engineering works for renewal of the bearing of Fiat Punto.
1 Remove the swivel hub assembly.
2 Mount the swivel hub firmly in a bench vice. Attach a slide hammer to the wheel hub flange and extract the hub, together with the bearing inner race (see illustration).

Using a slide hammer to extract the hub flange

3 The bearing inner race must now be removed from the wheel hub using a suitable puller. To provide sufficient clearance for the puller legs, force the inner race away from the hub flange using a hammer and small chisel inserted between the inner race and the hub flange. When sufficient clearance exists, engage the puller legs behind the inner race and draw the race off the wheel hub.
4 Undo the bolt and remove the dust shield from the swivel hub (see illustrations).

Undo the retaining bolt…

… and remove the dust shield from the swivel hub

5 Using a large screwdriver, extract the bearing retaining circlip from the swivel hub of Fiat Punto (see illustration).

Extract the bearing retaining circlip from the swivel hub

6 Mount the swivel hub on the press bed and press the bearing out of the hub of Fiat Punto. Note that a flange on the outboard side of the swivel hub means that the bearing can only be removed in one direction.
7 Before installing the new bearing, thoroughly clean the bearing location in the swivel hub.
8 Fit the new bearing from the inboard side the swivel hub and press it fully into position, applying pressure only to the bearing outer race.
9 Fit the bearing retaining circlip to its groove in the swivel hub so that the clrclip's gap is aligned with the aperture for the ABS wheel speed sensor (otherwise the sensor will not function correctly and the ABS failure warning lamp will illuminate). Refit the dust shield and tighten the retaining bolt securely.
10 Suitably support the bearing inner race of Fiat Punto on the press bed and press the wheel hub into the bearing.
11 On completion, check that the wheel hub rotates freely in the bearing without resistance or roughness.
12 Refit the swivel hub assembly.