1 Firmly apply the handbrake, then jack up me front of the car and support it securely on axle stands. Remove both front roadwhaels.
2 Unscrew the nuts and disconnect the exhaust front pipe flange from the manifold downpipe. Recover the gasket.
3 Undo the bolt securing the exhaust system front mounting bracket to the subframe. Lower the system and suitably support it.
4 Unscrew the bolts securing the anti-roll bar mountings to the suspension lower arms on either side of the Fiat Punto vehicle. Similarly, unscrew the bolts securing the anti-roll bar mountings to the subframe.
5 Lower the anti-roll bar and remove it from under the Fiat Puno car.
6 Inspect the rubber bushes for cracks or deterioration. If renewal is necessary, slide the old bushes from the bar, and fit the new items, using soapy water as a lubricant. Do not apply grease or oil as this will attack the rubber.
7 Check the anti-roll bar for signs of damage, wear or serious corrosion.


8 Refitting is a reversal of removal, bearing in mind the following points:
a) Moderately tighten the anti-roll bar mountings initially, then tighten them all to the specified torque after the car has been lowered to the ground and is resting on its roadwheels.
b) Refit the exhaust system front pipe flange using a new gasket and tighten the nuts to the specified torque.