Note: A new rear hub retaining nut must be used on refitting.


1 The Fiat Punto rear hub bearings are Integral with the hubs themselves, and cannot be renewed separately. If the bearings require renewal, the complete hub assembly must be renewed.
2 Chock the front wheels, then jack up the rear of the vehicle and support securely on axle stands. Remove the appropriate rear roadwheel.
3 Remove the brake drum. Do not depress the brake pedal whilst the brake drum is removed.
4 Prise the dust cap from the hub, using a mallet and punch.
5 Slacken and remove the hub nut and recover the spacer.
Caution: The nut is tightened to a very high torque. Use a long extension bar to remove the nut and ensure that you have access to torque wrench capable of tightening the new nut to the specified torque before removing the existing nut.
6 Withdraw the hub and bearing assembly from the stub axle, and recover the inner spacer. Discard the hub nut - a new one must be used on refitting.
7 Thoroughly clean the stub axle, then slide the inner spacer and the hub assembly of Fiat Punto into position.
8 Fit the outer spacer, then thread a new hub nut onto the end of the stub axle.
9 Tighten the hub nut to the specified torque then check that the hub spins smoothly and freely. Carefully tap the dust cap into position over the nut.
10 Refit the brake drum.
11 Refit the roadwheel and lower the car to the ground.