Note: If the motor assembly is being renewed, it will be necessary to have the motor torque and position sensors calibrated using Fiat diagnostic test equipment on completion. Full and effective power assistance may not be available until the calibration procedures have been carried out.


1 Remove the steering column.
2 Disconnect the Fiat Punto motor wiring plugs from the ECU, then undo the three bolts and remove the motor from the gearbox (see illustrations).

Undo the three bolts (arrowed)...

... and remove the power steering electric motor from the gearbox

3 Remove the drive coupling from the gearbox (see illustration).

Remove the drive coupling from the gearbox

4 If necessary, the mounting bushes can be removed from the motor flange by withdrawing the centre inserts and sliding out the rubber bushes (see illustrations).

Withdraw the Fiat Punto motor mounting bush centre inserts …

... and slide out the rubber bushes

5 Inspect the motor components for wear in damage and renew as necessary.


6 If removed, locate the rubber bushes in the motor flange and refit the centre inserts.
7 Refit the drive coupling to the gearbox ensuring that it engages fully with the worm gear splines.
8 Engage the motor armature splines with the drive coupling and locate the motor on the gearbox. Refit the three retaining bolts and tighten them securely.
9 Reconnect the Fiat Punto motor wiring connectors to the ECU ensuring that the cables are correctly router
10 Refit the steering column.