Make sure that the battery tray of Fiat Punto is in good condition, and that the clamp is tight. Corrosion on the retaining clamp and the battery itself can be removed with a solution of water and baking soda. Thoroughly rinse all cleaned areas with water. Any metal parts damaged by corrosion should be covered with a zinc-based primer, then painted.
• Periodically (approximately every three months), check the charge condition of the battery of Fiat Punto.
• If the battery is flat, and you need to jump start your vehicle.

1. The exterior of the battery should be inspected periodically for damage such as a cracked case or cover, and the battery cable clamps should be checked for tightness to ensure good electrical connections.

2.   If corrosion (white, fluffy deposits) is evident, remove the cables from the battery terminals, clean them with a small wire brush, then refit them. Automotive stores sell a tool for cleaning the battery post...

3. well as the battery cable clamps.