Before you start
• Park the vehicle Fiat Punto on level ground, and apply the handbrake firmly. Let the engine idle, and select P or N.

Safety First!
• The need for frequent topping-up indicates a leak, which should be investigated immediately.

Open the bonnet, withdraw the transmission dipstick of the Fiat Punto, and wipe it with a clean non-fluffy rag.

Re-insert the dipstick fully, withdraw it again and read the fluid level. It should be between the two level marks. There are two sets of marks. Use the C (cool) marks if the transmission is cold (20° to 40°C) or the H (hot) marks if it is hot (60° to 80°C). If topping-up is necessary, add the specified fluid via the dipstick tube, using a funnel with a fine mesh filter. Take great care not to introduce dirt into the transmission.